Purchasing FlexNow with 100% SheaFlex70

Where to Find FlexNow

FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™ is available at fine health food stores and independent pharmacies, across the United States. If you email (contact us) or call us (877-778-1212), we can help you identify stores in your area offering FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™.

We encourage you to purchase from one of our retail partners, but understand that you are reviewing the website and may wish to purchase immediately, from the comfort of your home/office. Either way, we are excited to get you started on the product, so you can experience the benefits and the Power of Shea.

If you are a first time buyer of FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™, you may wish to purchase directly from us – if you do, there are first time buyer benefits, including registration to receive coupons, rebates and new product information from us.